Orthodox Church Of Our Lady's Dormition

Parish of Russian Orthodox Church

1. Do you believe in God and the Holy Trinity, the Divinity of Christ and the Holy Spirit? Do you believe in the Church and her sacraments? Do you believe in the existence of Paradise and Hell?

2. Do you entrust yourself always, and especially in the difficult times of your life, to the Providence of God, or do you become discouraged and show lack of faith?

3. Perhaps at times of affliction, illness, and trials in your life, you grumble against God and you lose your faith and courage?

4. Perhaps you believe in psychics, card-readers, astrologers and horoscopes? In sorcerers and witches, in palm reading or general fortune tellers? Perhaps you advised others to believe and take refuge in these?

5. Perhaps you believe in superstitions and you pay attention to "bad omens" such as the number 13, walking under a ladder, crossing the path of a black cat, spilling salt, and other bad luck beliefs?

6. Perhaps you believe in luck?

7. Do you do your prayers in the morning and evening and also during mealtime? Perhaps you are embarrassed to Cross yourself in front of other people (i.e., at a restaurant or while passing by the outside of a Holy Church)?

8. Do you study the Holy Scriptures, along with various other religious books?

9. Do you attend church on Sundays and on major feast days?

10. Do you attend the Holy Liturgy from beginning to end, or do you get there late and leave before it finishes?

11. Do you go to church dressed modestly? Are you careful not to laugh or start conversation with others, even during the sacraments of Marriage or Baptism?

12. Perhaps you hinder your husband, wife or children from attending church? Do you tell you acquaintances not to attend church?

13. Do you receive Holy Communion often, or once a year and that without going to Holy Confession?

14. Do you swear with no reason or falsely, and did you not keep an oath or a pledge you took?

15. Perhaps you blaspheme the name of Christ, the Mother of God the Saints and other sacred things?

16. Do you fast if you don't have serious health problems; on Wednesday and Friday and during Lenten seasons?

17. Perhaps you throw religious books or pamphlets in dirty places?