Orthodox Church Of Our Lady's Dormition

Parish of Russian Orthodox Church

1. Perhaps you have hatred or strong dislike towards someone who treated you badly or insulted you in his anger?

2. Perhaps you are suspicious, and with no reasons you distrust everyone, suspecting that they may be talking about you, that they don't like you or love you?

3. Perhaps you get jealous and bothered about the progress, the happiness, the beauty, and the goods of other people?

4. Perhaps you stay untouched and unmoved in the presence of your neighbor's misfortune or serious need?

5. In your everyday transactions with your partner, coworkers or customers, are you honest, straightforward, sincere, and upright?

6. Perhaps you slandered or accused your fellow man?

7. Perhaps you speak sarcastically and make fun of the devout and those who fast and struggle to live a true Christian life? Or those that have physical or spiritual weaknesses or limitations?

8. While you happened to hear some information or accusation against a third person, perhaps you told others, and you damaged, without meaning to, the reputation and honor of your fellow human being?

9. Perhaps you pass judgment on the behavior, the deeds, the mistakes, or the shortcomings of others when they are absent, even when what you are saying happens to be true?

10. Perhaps you cursed someone who did you wrong, or cursed yourself in difficult situations of your life, or the time and moment that you were born?

11. Perhaps you send people to "Hell" or the "devil" in your anger, or use insulting hand gestures?

12. Do you respect your parents? Do you care for them? Do you put up with their elderly weakness if they have any? Do you help them with their physical and spiritual needs? Do you help them go to church and receive communion? Perhaps you may have deserted them and treat them with indifference?

13. Perhaps you influenced and convinced your parents to give you a larger share of their inheritance and in this way dealt unfairly with your brothers and sisters?

14. Did you strike anybody in your anger, or abuse him verbally? 15. Do you carry on your vocation with integrity?

16. Do you steal? Or did you suggest it to someone or helped him do it or agreed to cover for the thief, or

17. Perhaps you are ungrateful and thankless to God, and to people that are good to you?

18. Perhaps you hang around with the wrong crowd and are involved in sinful relations? Perhaps you pushed someone to sin either by your example or talking them into it?

19. Perhaps you have committed forgery? Perhaps you have taken advantage of the Public? Perhaps you borrowed money or other objects and failed to return them?

20. Did you ever commit murder in deed, or in your heart or thoughts?

21. Do you get mixed up in other peoples lives, work, or family and cause arguments and fights?

22. Do you give to the poor, the orphans, the elderly, the large and poor families that you know?