Orthodox Church Of Our Lady's Dormition

Parish of Russian Orthodox Church

1. Have you been attached to material things and worldly goods?

2. Have you been stingy and a lover of money?

3. Have you been greedy?

4. Have you been a spendthrift? Your surplus belongs to the poor?

5. Have you been conceited?

6. Perhaps you like to show off your clothes, your wealth, your success or boast of your accomplishments?

7. Perhaps you crave admiration and adulation from the people around you?

8. Do you accept praise with pleasure, wanting others to flatter you and say that there is no one like you?

9. Do you get upset when someone points out your mistakes and do you get hurt when you get reprimanded or corrected by your superiors?

10. Perhaps you are stubborn, obstinate, egotistical, self-proud and self-centered? Pay attention to these sins because it is difficult to rid of them.

11. Do you play cards - even though you may not use money - with people in your home or with relatives looking to "kill time?"

12. Have you polluted your body and soul with carnal sins?

13. Do you watch filthy programs on television or at the movies?

14. Have you been reading obscene books and magazines?

15. Have you ever considered suicide?

16. Have you ever been gluttonous?

17. Have you been lazy, insolent and negligent?

18. Have you been using obscene, insulting, or improper words, for the sake of being comical or to insult and humiliate another person?

19. Do you have a spirit of self denial?

20. Do you expel from your mind any bad thoughts that come to pollute your head?

21. Do you control your eyes so that they don't curiously examine provocative pictures or people?

22. Do you control what goes into your ears?

23. Do you dress indecently? If you are a woman, have you been wearing men's clothing or provocative clothing and been causing scandal by your appearance, and most importantly entering holy places in such a manner? If you are a man do you have a frantic appearance? Do you despoil your body with outlandish decorations and tattoos?

24. Perhaps you take part in frantic or sinful dancing? Do you sing or listen to immoral songs?

25. Perhaps you drink to excess or take drugs?

26. Have you been smoking cigarettes? Smoking destroys a person's valuable health and happens to be a sinful waste of money.