Orthodox Church Of Our Lady's Dormition

Parish of Russian Orthodox Church

1. Are you loyal to your spouse? It is terrible when one of the partners is having extramarital relations.

2. Perhaps one of the partners offended or saddened the other in the presence of others or privately?

3. Perhaps you don't overlook each other's possible weaknesses? Have you been insensitive?

4. Does your family eat together at the table, praying together before and after meals.

5. Are you sensitive to the struggle that one of you has outside of the house and the other inside the house, so you can support each other in the daily struggle, thus providing comfort to each other psychologically, emotionally and physically.

6. Have you been overly demanding?

7. Perhaps you don't allow your spouse to go to church or to spiritual gatherings or sermons?

8. Do you raise your children "with the teachings and the way of the Lord?" Have you been only interested in their intellectual education and ignoring the quality of their personality?

9. Do you take them to Church, to Holy Confession, to frequent Holy Communion, to Sunday School? Do you teach them with words and your exemplary virtues? Did you teach them to pray morning and night and also at mealtime with seriousness and devotion?

10. Are you aware of what they read? Do you try and get them books or magazines of ethical and religious content?

11. Are you aware of whom they associate with and whom they have as friends?

12. Have you been taking them to sinful shows or movies and do you allow them to watch television indiscriminately, timelessly and without parental scrutiny?

13. Do you teach them humility and are you concerned that they dress modestly?

14. Perhaps you curse them when they aggravate you? Perhaps you send them to Hell?

15. Perhaps you had an abortion or you avoid childbearing?

16. Have you been unjust to your children with the distribution of your property?

17. You, the husband, are you under the impression that child rearing and development is the responsibility of your wife? You are also responsible to read to them, to advise them and spend time with them so you can give your wife a break, and also to let the children feel your presence so that they can hold back and not get into trouble.

18. Perhaps you abuse them verbally and you scold them with indecent words?

19. Do you love and honor each other's parents and relatives? Have your parents or relatives been interfering in your home life and become the reason for dissention and quarreling between you?

20. Perhaps you have been interfering in the home life of your child?

21. Perhaps your spouse is a blasphemer? Be patient and struggle so that he can quit the evil of blasphemy?

22. Do you encourage your family to pray together.?