Orthodox Church Of Our Lady's Dormition

Parish of Russian Orthodox Church

Our church possess a number of Holy Relics. Among them:

  • A splinter of The True Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • A thread of the Shroud of Turin
  • A thread of Robe of Virgin Mary
  • Holy Relics of over 400 saints of The Orthodox Church

 Saints relicts






Small Reliquary is situated on the right hand side in front of the Holy Altar. It contains Holy Relics of 48 saints including :

  • Luke Apostle and Evangelist
  • Thomas Didymus Aplostle
  • Nicholas Bishop of Myra Wonderworker
  • John the Baptist Prophet
  • John Chrisostorm Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea
  • Gregory the Theologian Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Nektarios, Bishop of Aegina Wonderworker


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Reliquary is situated in the Holy Altar and contains a splinter of The True Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
The bottom part contains Holy Relics of Cristian Saints including

  • Prophet John the Baptist
  • Luke Apostle and Evangelist
  • Andrew Apostle
  • Vladimir the Great, equal of the apostles
  • Nicholas Bishop of Myra, Wonderworker
  • John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea
  • Gregory the Theologian, Patriarch of Constantinople
  • Sergey of Radonez, wonderworker
  • Seraphim of Sarov, wonderworker

Every relic is represented by a small icon of the saint.
Top part contains 18 relics
Bottom part contains 52 relics, 5 rows by 10 or 11 relics






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Reliquary of the Ancient Martyrs has 3 icons on the top.

It contains Holy Relics of Cristian martyrs and saints, mostly between I- IX centuries.

  • Jeremiah the Prophet
  • Titus and Philip - Apostles of the 70
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Mary of Egipt
  • Edward, King of England
  • Patrick of Ireland

and many others




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Reliquary of New Russian Martyrs is situated in the Holy Altar.

Bottom part contains 23 Holy Relics, including Archbishop Luka of Simferopol and Crimea.




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Reliquary has an icon of Michael Archangel on the top part.

In contains Holy Relics of the following saints:

  • St. Nina of Georgia
  • St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, the wonderworker
  • St. Ilya of Murom
  • St. Maxim The Greek
  • St. Fedor Ushakov
  • St. Luke of Crimea

Top part: 36 relics




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Reliquary of The Holy Family is situated in the Holy Altar.

In the top part, this reliquary has the icon of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and Joseph holding hands with the young Savior.

It contains the relics of many saints, including:
Martyrs Faith, Hope, and Charity and their mother Sophia
Maximus the Confessor
Righteous Anna (the mother of the Most Holy Virgin Mary), St. Ancestor of Our Lord Joachim
Martyrs Adrian and Natalia
The upper part has 6 relics in 4 rows
The lower part has 9 relics in 6 rows




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